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Private Lessons
Private Lessons


Private Yoga lessons are available on a one to one basis, as traditionally taught in India. In these private sessions, students can discuss their health issues confidentially. An in-depth attention of a private lesson can help a student break free of obstacles and continue to grow in Yoga.

Workshops and group sessions are also available. Cost is based on group size and travel distance. Please contact Shree Ayengar for further details. All of these sessions are by appointment only and subject to a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Patanjali’s Yoga

In the system of yoga as propounded by Patanjali, "yoga" means "samaadhi." Samadhi is a desired state of "citta." Citta is spirit which, in contrast, is different from matter. In a living human body, the person, Citta is referred to as the soul or atman. The state of samadhi is accomplished by contingently or temporarily stopping ["ni-rodha"] the habitual activity ["vritti"] of Citta.

When we proceed to accomplish a goal, it is called "saadhana," aimed practice. The sadhana in Patanjali's Yoga has five external members or parts ["bahir-anga"] and three internal members ["antar-anga"]. All together, the sadhana, comprised of eight members ["ashta"+"anga"], is called Ashtanga Yoga.

The eight Angas in Patanjali's Yoga are:

Five external Angas:
1. Yama [determination, the act of limiting or ending something (namely, the Vritti or habitual activity of Citta)];
2. Niyama [ni-yama", any act which is contingent or dependent on Yama];
3. Asana ["aasana", resting of the body, or a seat on which to rest the body];
4. Pranayama ["praana" (breath) + "aayama" (regulation), an act to regulate breath]; and 5. Pratyahara ["prati"+"aa-haara", redirecting toward something (namely, the pursuit of samadhi)].

Three internal Angas:
6. Dharana ["dhaaranaa," adoption (of an object on which to fix the mind)];
7. Dhyana ["dhyaana," concentration, the act of concentrating the mind on the adopted object];
8. Samadhi ["sam-aadhi," meditation, an act which leads to a state of Citta where the object of concentration disappears].

Hatha Yoga, the regimen of asanas or postures which I teach, tones up the body, and thereby prepares it to be engaged most effectively in the execution of Patanjali's Yoga.


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